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Requesting for increasing salary through the proposal is a good idea since it is easier to write a letter rather than speaking directly to the employer. It can be a good way to start your negotiation before later you can have a meeting with the employer discussing what is in the proposal. Here are some ways you can do to start writing your salary increase proposal.

• Knowing Your Financial Status. You have to understand your financial status including how much your salary and when the last time it was increased. Compare the salary before and after increasing the last time and you must know the exact amount of it. Find information if you don’t know exactly how much your salary is. You can request the history from the payroll department of your company to make your data valid.

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• Supporting Your Argument. If you are requesting for increasing salary, then you must be sure you are a good employee with an excellent performance that is proved by the positive feedback from your customers or other things that can support that argument. If your company has a regular review of employees’ performance, then you can simply use the data in your proposal. However, some companies don’t do that so you can collect the feedback directly from your boss by making a meeting several times and note them to see how good your performance is. You might get good feedback, which can be used to support your argument, but you can also get a not-too-good one, which you need to improve first before writing the proposal so that later you can show your boss your improvement based on his advice. The feedback can be also requested by your supervisor. Positive feedback from your supervisor can be a great supporting data for your proposal, so ask the supervisor to write a letter about your good performances to the boss. Don’t feel annoyed by some negative feedback. Just accept them full-heartedly and include them in your proposal because they can be reasons why you are improving your performance.

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• Researching the Pay Range. You can’t just request for increased salary when you don’t even know the common pay range of your position in the industry. This is very important to consider because you might end up requesting too high salary and this will be surely rejected. Your request should be reasonable and to make it that way, doing some research is necessary. This is also a great thing to do to see whether or not requesting an increased salary is appropriate. When your salary is in the right amount as the same positions with the same experience level in the industry, there is no reason for you to ask for increasing. It is very reasonable to ask the increased salary if yours is on average. Even when your salary is already above the average, you can still get it increased if you are excellent in performance by proving in your proposal that you are a true asset the company needs for building a great future.

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• Choosing the Right Timing. Consider when the proposal would be sent is very important because the right timing might end up with a good result. If your boss is busy, he might not have time to read and consider the proposal. It also happens when the company is suffering from financial issues. You can’t send such a proposal when your company itself needs more money for covering some expenses. So, these two things should be put into account; the mood of your boss and the good financial condition of the company.

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• Writing the Proposal Properly. A good proposal should have the right format and content. Use the formal format in your proposal and find some templates if you need some help in getting started. The first sentence of your proposal shouldn’t be straightforward that you are asking an increased salary but express your pride first that you are glad working in the company. After that, state your accomplishments or values for the company to give the boss reasons that what you are requesting is worth it. Highlight all your performances or completed projects that are excellent and beneficial for the company. It is better to include some reviews about your performance to support your statements. If your salary is under average in the industry, this could be directly linked to helping the boss understand that you are getting too low compensation and that is why you are requesting for increasing. However, if your salary is above average, then you must provide accurate reasons why you should get higher than that.

Request the increased salary specifically to let the boss know how much the salary should be increased. If you can’t write the exact specific amount such as the number of the salary, then simply state the percentage. It is better to provide some percentage options so that later you can negotiate with the boss which one is the most suitable.

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